The best 10 Money Transfer Apps

Whenever you want to send money to others account, it gets a little bit hard to stand in a long queue and waiting for hours in a bank to transfer money. You can transfer using online websites, but that also takes time, and there is a minimum amount of transfer. So you can use money transfer apps to save your precious time in transferring money.

money transfer apps

You can pay your restaurant bills and transfer money to any account at a reasonable cost using these money transfer applications.

Why money transfer apps?

It is a peer to peer payment method and allows you to transfer money almost instantaneously at any place across all around the world. You can use money transfer app to pay quickly instead of using debit and credit card. You can use these apps to pay your restaurant bills. Most of these apps are free of cost, and some are payable.

10 Best Money transfer Apps for your mobile

There are many money transfer applications on the internet, and it is difficult to find the best one for you. So here we are providing the list of best money transfer apps and some top money transfer app in india after analyzing a lot of apps based on various factors such as Transfer speed, Reviews, Safety, Quantity of transfers, etc.

1. Venmo

Venmo is one of the best apps to transfer money online using your smartphone that allows you to transfer money without taking any extra charges. You can directly transfer money to your phone contacts and Facebook friends using this app. This app has various features, such as you can like or comment on other people transactions.

You can do free transactions of any amount on this app, but it charges 3% as transfer fee for credit cards. 

Transactions on this app are fully secured; you can transfer money without afraid of getting scammed.

How does it work?

  1. Install the application on your smartphone.
  2. Link the application with your bank accounts or debit cards.
  3. You can store money within the application also as venmo balance.
  4. Now transfer money to any person in a click.
  5. You can transfer your venmo balance into a bank account immediately.

Download link: Android / iOS

2. PayPal

It is one of the oldest money transfer apps. It is a top money transfer app in india. It has a vast network all around the world. It may take some time in sending and receiving money, but it is fully secured and trusted app to transfer money. If you are receiving payment, PayPal will charge you 4.4% + $0.30 in transaction charges. In the U.S., PayPal takes 2.9% instead of 4.4.%. You can use your PayPal account for shopping on various e-commerce websites.

You can send and receive money to and from your friends without paying any extra charges. If your account is verified, then there is no limit on transactions.

How does it work?

  1. Install the application on your smartphone.
  2. Link the application with your debit or credit cards.
  3. Now transfer money to any person in a click.

Download link: Android / iOS

3. Google Pay

Google pay is also a top money transfer app in india previously known as Tez. You can transfer money just by tapping the Send button present at the bottom right in the Google pay. This app has a very user-friendly interface, and the best thing is it transfers money instantly on a request. You can easily split your restaurant bills by using this app.

You can also request money from up to five people at a time, and this app does not take any extra charges on Debit card.

How does it work?

  1. Install the application on your smartphone.
  2. Link the application with your bank accounts or debit cards.
  3. Now transfer money to any person using the Send button.

Download link: Android / iOS

4. Apple Pay Cash

If you are an iPhone user, there’s no need to install a third-party application to transfer money. You can only use this method with an iPhone user. To transfer money, click on the A button just next to the camera icon and select pay. Now enter the amount and pay. In the same way, you can request money from one of your contacts.  

It will confirm your identity using Touch ID, Face ID, or a Passcode before making a payment. You can use this feature using your Apple watch also. It may take a few days to transfer the money to your bank account.

How does it work?

  1. Click on the button with the symbol A present next to the camera icon.
  2. Now select pay.
  3. Enter the amount and tap pay.

5. Western Union

Excellent app to transfer money among your friends and family across more than 200+ countries and territories. You can also check how much your fund transfer should cost. This app also provides you the list of all Western Union branches.

You can also track your payment using your tracking number to check the date and time of payment collected, processed, and completed.

This app is free to download but charge on money transfer like it will cost you approx $4 for $500. It comes up with multiple payment methods.

Download link: Android / iOS

6. Azimo

Azimo is one of the best transfer money apps available for both Android and iOS users. This app is known for its international money transfer services. It gives you all updates during a transaction until your money reaches the receiver.

Using Emails and push notifications, they will tell you where your money is. 

Transfer charges on Azimo are very reasonable, and it has more than 300,000 cash pick-up points across the world. You can send money to bank accounts, mobile or cash pick-up locations using this app.

If you invite your friend, they will receive $13 on a transfer. And you will receive $13 when your invited friends’ complete assignment of total $133.

How does it work?

  • Just Sign up and transfer your money in minutes.

Download link: Azimo

7. WorldRemit

You can use this app to transfer small amounts of money to people in more than 150 countries around the world. WorldRemit is very easy to use, and money exchange rates on this app are reasonable.

It has multiple ways to transfer the money, and the recipient will get an SMS or email alert on successful transfer. It is fast and secure, no need to worry about getting scammed here.

Money can be received in many ways, such as cash pick-up, bank deposit, mobile credit, etc. Transfer charges vary according to total amount and location. So it is recommended that check the transfer charge for the country in which you are sending money, before registering an account.

There is no loss in trying this application once because first transfer with WorldRemit is free of charge.

Download link: Android / iOS

8. Square Cash

Square Cash allows you to send money instantly to your friends and family members in a single click. You can also request payment from people. This app is straightforward to use and transfers money immediately on a successful transaction.

It helps you in splitting restaurant bills with your friends. It works on peer to peer connection. Hence it does not take any transfer charges. You can create a web page and link with your account so that people can transfer money into your account quickly.

How does it work?

  1. Install the application on your smartphone.
  2. Link the application with your bank accounts or debit cards.
  3. Now transfer money to any person in a click.
  4. You can request money from your friends in the same way.

Download link: Android / iOS

9. OFX

OFX is the best app to transfer big amounts of money internationally. It is compatible with many banking useful tools, and you can send money to in various currencies.

There are no limits on transferring money on this application, but you can’t transfer below than $1000. So it is better to use it for big money transfers.

Transfer charges are different for each country, but I’m sure that the cost will be less than 2%. This app also shows you live rates and currency trends. You can send money in more than 190 countries in 55+ currencies.

It is a fast and secure app, and you can easily track your transfer on OFX. 

How does it work?

  1. Install the application on your smartphone.
  2. Register a free account.
  3. Now Transfer money with better exchange rates and lower fees.

Download link: OFX

10. Chase Quickpay

It is also an excellent application to transfer money and available for both Android and iOS users. Chase Quickpay provides various banking option to its customers. Non-customers can also send and receive money using a valid email address.

This app is straightforward to use, and it transfers money at a reasonable cost.

Download link: Android / iOS

How to select the best money transfer app

You can select the best app based on the following factors to transfer money according to your need.

  • Transfer Speed
  • Quantity of transfers
  • Geographical location

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